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The Visitor is greeted at Árcsó by the artifacts and documents almost 300 years old and the atmosphere and environment of one of the most famous baths of Transylvania once. Citing the words of the famous Szeklerscientist, OrbánBalázs "… water has a miraculous effect for those with respiratory and lung, spleen and liver diseases, and many who were condemned to suffering and death, found healing here and return in life."

Short history

Mineral springs and baths in Korond/Corund and Árcsó are mentioned in written sources since 1729. Curative springs were mentioned in the same rank with the famous springs of Büttein Baden, Altwasserin Lower Silesia, Weinbrunnen in Schwalbach.

Among the former owners the most developments have made by Countess Traunn Károlyné (mid. 18th century) and Gáspár Gyula between 1892–1914. At the time of the latter they were built ten modern villas including villas Firtos, Home, Szekler and Tulip, house-restaurant Pálfy, which can be seen on the post cards of the time. The resort could accommodate 500 guests.

Those arriving for treatment in the morning drank 100 grams of mineral water mixed with goat's milk, then took baths in morning and afternoon in the 34–38 °C thermal water bath, where is located today which ranks actual inn. It has been used with great success the treatment with kefir still little known and ligno-sulfide inhalation.

In Gáspár Gyula’s time Korond/Corund mineral water – of which only in 1909 were sold 68,150 bottles – won international awards in Brussels (1897), Paris (1900) and Bucharest (1906).

Present and future

In the golden age of Árcsó Spa it was available for the guests a 50-acre park with pine trees, lounge room, newspapers, tennis courts, bowling ground, gym place for children, post office, radio; Gypsy musicians from Parajd / Praid performed daily brassconcerts, balls and concerts were common.

The cuisine of the restaurant Árcsó was famous in the world: here were served the best dishes: fried trout, roast pork and veal, home cooked pig specialties. This unique treasure and heritage was destroyed in March 1938 – when the barbarian handscleared coniferous forest of 50 acres.

Investor Varga Dénes from Gyulakuta / Fântânele has the dream of rebirth of Korond-Árcsó Spa, considered a Gleichenbergod Transylvania: he wants to make available for the visitors a hunting park, winter sleigh rides, a trout lake, hot and cold baths, prestigious exhibitions, fairs of pottery, roasting ox on spit (permanently), summer night concerts – and all this in a natural setting with mild climate, protected from winds and storms, this picturesque landscape rich in tourist attractions.

Thus will become Árcsó an unrivaled oasis of tranquility, rest, undisturbed recreation and entertainment.